Address:  Julian, CA. 92036 (Call to see)
Phone: (760) 670-8357, Barbara Schor
Julian, CA. 92036 (Call for appt. to see)
(760) 670-8357
Stay at an retreat which helps you to play hide and seek with nature and the beauty of Julian right in your backyard.  The house peeks out from behind a cascade of green and magnificent oaks.  Every room boast a special view of the dance of the mountain wildlife.....
Decks stretch across the entire back of the retreat opening up the opportunity to spy on nature, while the deer, turkey, woodpeckers and squirrels keep their eye on you.  Begin to feel that bond with the mountain and a new found relationship with the abundance of animals and wildlife.
After a few minutes, you will find yourself compelled to rise up off the bench, no longer a spectator but an actual part of the mountain.  The retreat comes with its own mystery and stories yet to be written. You are the author, one of the characters and the explorer uncovering the plot of your Julian epic.  Follow the paths and many attached trails to discover your mountain experience and story.
Merge into that private world which removes the separation from nature and the animals.  Feel how the city blows off of you and the mountain melts in until you are not just watching, but actually are a part of the scene.....
Julian Wagon Wheel Mountain Retreat